Sweet Frog Kids Club Party!

Hello to all our wonderful Sweet Frog Kids Club members!  Summer is officially over… :(

With Summer coming to a close we want to have one last party for our Kids before the Kids Club is shut down until next Summer.  Each kid will still receive their FREE Birthday Yogurt a few days before their birthday if they are signed up on the list but there will not be anymore email releases until next Summer.  We want to encourage the children to focus on school, family, and other important activities during this time of the year.  Sweet Frog will still be open at the same times and still be ready to serve all the little ones!

Come in on August 11th from 11:30AM to 3:00PM for a really fun final Kids Club Party to celebrate our wonderful members of the SFKC!  We will have the photo booth setup to take really fun pictures, the prize wheel may make an appearance, and we will be doing a raffle to win a FREE party for 10 friends at Sweet Frog.  Make sure to bring your children in so they can be included in the raffle and have a chance to win this awesome prize!

You can find more information at Todd’s Calendar.

Thanks to all!

One thought on “Sweet Frog Kids Club Party!

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