2nd Year Anniversary


That’s Right!  We have been open for two full years thanks to your loyalty and patronage.  We can’t believe how much this community has accepted our business!  When sweetFrog of Boone opened there were only a handful of sweetFrog’s in a very limited area.  Now, there are over 300 locations either opened or being opened.  But we want to convey this to you… we have always and will continue to be locally focused.

Anyways… thanks for your support through these two years and we will do our very best to give you many more years of sweetFrog FUN!

In order to celebrate this fantastic milestone, we will be offering LOTS of giveaways and doing a $4 Cup Day!  Some of the giveaways include T-Shirts, FREE Froyo for a Year, and an iPad mini!  That’s right… we will be giving away an iPad mini and FREE Froyo for a Year.  Don’t miss out on these awesome opportunities.  Stay posted here and on our social media to find out how you can be eligible for these to giveaways.

Thanks again!


2 thoughts on “2nd Year Anniversary

  1. I hope you will consider broadening your special offers to include e-mail entries. You frequently send offers that involve texting, but I don’t have that capability. I also avoid Facebook like the plague. Would you be willing to allow folks to contact you by e-mail for the offers you now limit to texting responses?

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